Engineering high rise structures . . .

. . . small footprints

. . . multi-function use

. . . large span foyers

. . . designing for physical constraints

and seismic conditions

. . . maximising user comfort

. . . enabling fast track construction

High-rise structures

Our approach
At WME, we have an exceptional team of specialist engineers working on the design of high-rise buildings. Our success in this field is underpinned by our ability to deliver efficient structures combined with a thorough understanding of context and integrated building services design.

Wherever they are located, very tall slender structures have specific engineering demands. Many of the projects we work on are 50-80 storeys in height — some are even higher. They often feature small footprints, multi-function occupation and large-span foyers. Wind load factors, physical site constraints, high strength materials, building functionality, buildability factors, vertical transportation requirements, sustainability and local seismic conditions and building codes all come into play. Structural strength and limiting building movement for user comfort are key considerations.

Our structural and building services engineers have many years’ experience working in this sector. We understand climate issues and local construction contexts, economic imperatives and the need for fast track construction. By carefully refining the engineering design, we deliver optimised cost-efficient buildings that are well-serviced and deliver more quality saleable floor space.

We work with many of the world’s great architects and visionary client teams, providing the specialized skills needed, and helping achieve architect and client ambitions. This means working closely with the whole project team in the search for effective, appropriate solutions. We use building information modelling (BIM) to ensure whole-project coordination and to inform construction sequences.

We also work closely with universities, on research and new developments. Recent innovations in this field include mass-dampening systems. Our engineers also contribute to international forums.

High-rise services can include . . .

— Specialised high-rise structural engineering for concrete or steel structures
— In-house simulation modelling and building studies
— Commissioning of wind tunnel testing
— Climatic studies, such as heat absorption and shade analysis
— Geotechnics for tall buildings
— M&E engineering
— Coordination with high-rise façade design
— Vertical transportation
— Fire engineering
— Sustainability
— Site supervision

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photo | Oliver Jackson